Dad & Son
In the dance performance Dad & Son, Samuel Draper and Frédéric Gies expose and celebrate an unorthodox form of kinship rather than a normative, biological relationship while dancing together in an almost pitch dark space to the beats of techno music.  If the title of the performance can be interpreted as a wink to a gay form of sexual relationship, it exceeds this specific association, as it actually refers to another form of relationship the two dancers have agreed upon and live in the frame of their created surrogate family.  The performance neither represents nor comments on the nature of this relationship, but rather makes visible unutterable bounds between two bodies that resonate together and inhabit one another while surrendering to the forces that traverse their dance.

Dance: Samuel Draper and Frédéric Gies
DJ: Fiedel
Lights: Thomas Zamolo

Image credits: Ania Nowak, Frédéric Gies