The Event Horizon Practice
Q: "What were you talking about?"

A: "What I was talking about depends on when you were talking to me."

The most recent practice in The Celestial Body Series of experimental performative (dance) practices tackles the notion of exhaustion (of not dancing) in the attempt to create the circumstances for dance to arise such that it [the dance] is perceived by the temporary community as meaningful, and as necessary; and as a viable form of communication and knowledge-exchange.

"Can meaningful communication exist outside of the event that makes communication meaningful?"

The members of TOGETHER ALONE expose The Event Horizon Practice in public.  The event is imagined as a possible antonym of The Moon Practice: where The Moon Practice starts with a dance and transforms into a social event, The Event Horizon Practice intends to start as a social gathering which resists becoming a theatrical event, as long as possible, until it cannot not [become a theatrical event] or is not [a social gathering any longer] or is changed [and there's nothing we can do about it anymore].  The Event Horizon Practice so intends to be(come) an aesthetic, a communal, a sensibly sensitive / a sensitively sensible, and a transformative experience.

The event is currently imagined as not more than 12 hours long.  Food and non-alcoholic drinks are provided.  Blankets and pillows as well.

Image credit: Samuel Draper